rOcK wItH tHe ShOcK Radio

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Rock with the Shock Bio

In the mid 1970’s, using the “stage name” of David Allan Shaw, Rock with the Shock began his radio career in small town radio station, but quickly ascended the ladder, winding up working in Philadelphia, PA on the old WIBG, then known as WZZD (Wizzard 100).  In 1979 he became the music director of WTTM in Trenton, NJ then in a matter of a few months, became the station’s program director and put this small, Trenton, NJ station in the Philadelphia Arbitron radio ratings book for the first time in 20 years, keeping  it there for four books, impressively competing with major market Radio stations in Philadelphia. In 1983, he moved on to work at WKHK, Kick 106 FM in New York City.  Locally, he was known as “The Music in between the Music”, in night clubs and discos all over the Delaware Valley.  Over the years, Rock with the Shock has amassed quite the collection in Oldies music covering the 1950’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s and has oldies shows on stage, and on the air.  Computers were getting popular, and much of radio became automated and no longer fun.  Who’d of thought that computers would eventually allow a venue to bring back these great sounds of Boss Radio, and open a venue for the return of  Rock With The Shock !